Introduction to Lameness Locator

The LAMENESS LOCATOR® System by EQUINOSIS® is a real-time, handheld computer system that enables a veterinarian to objectively identify lameness in horses with non-invasive inertial sensors. The culmination of almost 20 years of research on gait analysis at the University of Missouri with the support of the E. Paige Laurie Endowed Program in Equine Lameness, Lameness Locator® indicates whether the horse is lame, which limb or limbs are affected, the severity of the lameness, and the part of the motion cycle at which peak pain is occurring (impact, mid-stance, or push off). Instrumentation of the horse is quick, easy, and completely non-invasive.

Practice Building With Lameness Locator® - Metamora Equine (Michigan)

Practice Building With Lameness Locator® - Brazos Valley Equine Hospital (Texas)