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Equinosis, LLC Rebrands Lameness Locator®, Changes Name to “The Equinosis Q with Lameness Locator®”

Equinosis, LLC Rebrands Lameness Locator®, Changes Name to “The Equinosis Q with Lameness Locator®”


Equinosis, LLC Rebrands Lameness Locator, Changes Name to “The Equinosis Q with Lameness Locator®

The Equinosis Q with Lameness Locator® is a veterinary diagnostic system used to objectively measure a horse’s movement. It is Equinosis’ mission is to continually improve the objectivity and efficiency of lameness evaluation. 

By Andy Wolter, General Manager

APRIL 2016 – It’s the same thing you’ve always known as the Lameness Locator® – but it’s time for a marketing makeover. After years of feedback from our customers, we are rebranding our product.

Why rebranding? Many of our customers felt “Lameness Locator®” gave the wrong impression – that this diagnostic tool is the final word on where a horse is lame. Although we believe this impression is incorrect and was never promoted by Equinosis, we understand and respect this opinion. The DVM, on site examining the horse, will always be the only final word on the source of lameness, if any, exists. You, the veterinarians, are the Lameness Locators!

The name Lameness Locator®, actually coined by a current user, was simply intended to recognize that the sensors “locate” the affected limb or limbs. But the fact that it creates confusion is reason enough to change the name.

Going forward, the system will be called the Equinosis Q – or simply “The Q”. We hope this gives a better first impression. The Q measures asymmetry of the loading of limb, and it does this very accurately and with high sensitivity. It’s like a sensitive thermometer. If used correctly the sensors will provide the veterinarian with a sensitive and accurate description of limb loading. In my opinion, it is today’s gold standard for field-based measurement of equine lameness. If there’s a more sensitive tool that is easier to use, we’d like to hear about it.

For the time being, we will continue to include “Lameness Locator®” in the product name since that is how the world currently knows us. Marketing materials will refer to the “Equinosis Q with Lameness Locator®” software.

The Lameness Locator® software platform – as a distinct component coupled with The Q – is the analytical part of the product that takes the objective movement data, interprets it using clinical and investigative knowledge developed over years of use and in thousands of cases, and then presents it as an aid to the DVM providing lameness evaluation and care. From the creation of objective interpretation methods for use cases like lunging, blocking, or ridden evaluations, to structuring reports and managing your patient data, the software platform provides users a fully functional and intuitive package for evaluating lameness in horses. As the user base grows and more and more data is collected on more and more horses of different breeds and disciplines, you should expect the platform and algorithms to perpetually grow and improve as Equinosis creates additional features and functions.

It is important to note that the core Q algorithms, on the other hand, remain the same – just as published over 8 years ago with the first release of Lameness Locator®. This method of converting vertical torso acceleration to understandable forelimb and hind limb measures of limb loading remains the foundation of the platform.

So, think of “The Q” as a thermometer (a highly sophisticated, non-invasive, and rapid measuring thermometer) that simply reports the facts; and think of the Lameness Locator® platform” as the engine that takes the temperature data, combines it with other data, interprets it in light of the situation, compares it to temperatures taken on other horses under other circumstances at other times, and then presents it in this relevant context. Evidence-based data in, evidence-based analysis out.

As always, I appreciate hearing your feedback.




For more information, or to speak with a representative, please contact Equinosis, LLC – or call +1 (877) 881 8002.

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