Equinosis, LLC Rebrands Lameness Locator®, Changes Name to “The Equinosis Q with Lameness Locator®” What Are You Trying to Measure?

Equinosis®, LLC Introduces LL2017 Software Update

Introducing LAMENESS LOCATOR® 2017 Software Update


Equinosis, LLC Introduces LL2017 Software Update

The Equinosis Q with Lameness Locator® is a veterinary diagnostic system used to objectively measure a horse’s movement. It is Equinosis’ mission is to continually improve the objectivity and efficiency of lameness evaluation. 

Last year LL2016 software added the first SQLite database to the Q. This year, LL2017 leverages the database – improving speed, expanding evaluation content, easing data accessibility, and improving the presentation of biomechanical evidence. The goal of every program update is providing data that are more meaningful, understandable, and help improve the biomechanical care you provide.


More Test Options
Added drop down menus to expand flexion and other manipulation tests. Flexion options include full limb and specific joint flexions. Manipulation tests include suspensory pressure, dynamic hoof tester, & varus/valgus stress.

Improved Test AIDE
Algorithms designed to handle more outcome scenarios. Improved Flexion AIDE – including more understandable comments and increased predictive interpretation.

Evaluation Preview
Users can see Evaluations by date. Each evaluation displays a representative straight line trial and baseline lameness metrics (VS, DMax, DMin). Individual trials are visible in a separate pane in the same window.


Straight Line as Before Flexion
Behind the scenes, qualifying straight line trials generate a Before Flexion baseline. When conducting flexions, the clinician may then use this automatically generated baseline or perform a new Before Flexion baseline trial.

View Recent History
Recent horses are remembered between sessions. If LL is closed and re-opened, the last three horses evaluated will appear at the top of the selection menu.

Auto Surface Change
To avoid analyzing incorrect surface types – critical in lunging – surfaces are cleared between trial types that are significantly different (e.g. straight line and lunge). Users are now required to provide the surface type for all trials.

CSV Export
Users are given the option to easily export data into a CSV file.


Attending DVM
A clinician table is provided to associate the Attending DVM with evaluations. This is an optional selection offered at the beginning of each evaluation.

Manage Stable
Group horses by stable or facility, and view the last performed straight line trials and results. Ambulatory practitioners can utilize this option for an overview of all patients at a location – including date and lameness metrics of the last evaluation.

Battery Display
Sensor battery life is now indicated with a percentage – not voltage. Color coding remains, and the more useful % remaining is displayed.

LL2017 will be available on….



For more information, or to speak with a representative, please contact Equinosis, LLC – customersupport@equinosis.com or call +1 (877) 881 8002.

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