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Multiple Limb Lameness: Separating Secondary from Compensatory

Multiple Limb Lameness: Separating Secondary from Compensatory Kevin G. Keegan, DVM, MS, DACVS “Entia non sunt multiplicanda praetor necessitatum”, or Ockham’s Razor, translated (roughly) as “more things should not be used than are necessary”, is attributed to a 14th century friar/philosopher, William of Ockham.  (In this context, “razor” means principle…

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Journal Watch: Meta-analysis of Catastrophic Musculoskeletal Racetrack Injury

Catastrophic injury during racing has been thrust into the public eye with the increased incidence at Santa Anita. Some talking heads cite opinion as fact, claim isolated occurrences are recognized patterns, and disregard, or forget to mention, the likelihood of multifactorial causes. Public misconceptions fuel critics intent on abolishing equine racing. Agenda-driven misinformation hampers the development of effective solutions. What is actually known from science and objective data....

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